Our Partners

At the Baltimore Convention Center we are committed to building and implementing an innovative environmental management system that sustains the needs of our daily operations and also serves to educate and benefit our staff, industry partners and clientele on the importance of carbon footprint reduction.

We have concentrated our sustainability efforts into three basic areas: Energy Efficiency, Waste Reduction, & Environmental Design.


The Baltimore Convention Center has achieved 3rd party certification of the ASTM/APEX Standards, as a Meeting Venue. This certification requires the qualification of a number of specifications within eight different environmental impact areas. These 8 areas are:

    1. Staff Management and Environmental Policy
    2. Communication
    3. Waste Management
    4. Energy
    5. Air quality
    6. Water
    7. Procurement
    8. Community Partners

This certification helps create a more sustainable events industry and provides a measurable standard that the Baltimore Conventional Center follows. In addition, Visit Baltimore has completed the Standards, which makes Baltimore one of only four cities that have both a Meeting Venue and Destination certified.


Recently the Baltimore Convention Center joined forces with a large group of event venues in the United States who will be phasing out the use of polystyrene core (also known as foam core) signage for events, and will no longer permit this material in the very near future. After lengthy discussions, the group agreed on the policy citing reasons such as the material never breaks down in the landfill, is associated with numerous ecological hazards, and the availability of more sustainable options.


https://www.bccenter.org/p/about/community/sustainability link to our sustainability program